Hello and welcome to the Guild Website for Sacrifice

We are a casual, adult-based guild consisting of a core group of Real-Life friends and family who have played MMO's for many years. Our primary goal is to enjoy the game, have a great time, and make lasting memories of our online experiences. We welcome like-minded, non-drama individuals to join us.

We have a core group who have been gaming together in online games and MMO's for a good part of 20+ years...from Diablo and Ultima Online to Everquest, DAOC, SWG, Warhammer SWTOR, GW2 and many others. With Shroud of the Avatar we enter a new chapter of our online presence and look forward to all the new experiences and friends we will meet along way!

DISCLAIMER: Although we try to act in a respectable manner to all people at all times, we are adults and we are all human. Sometimes we may say or post things that others may not agree with. Rather then make a major issue of it, we simply inform one another and move on. Drama, Forum Wars, Chat Rants, and the like are simply not tolerated. We are not going to let it effect our friendships and gaming evenings. We all have lives, we all need AFK's and time away from the game (even at inopportune times). We know everyone's gaming time is important but so is real life - so have a heart and try to understand.

There will be profanity in our Voice/Discord Chat. It's just who we are so please do not ask us to refrain. We do not try to be overly crude, but we ARE adults and do not cater to younger gamers in mumble. If this offends you then perhaps it's best if you simply do not join the voice/chat server (Discord).

Thanks, and enjoy your time here on our Website!